Why LinkedIn Cold Spamming Is Bad for Business

Why LinkedIn Cold Spamming Is Bad for Business

One of the practices that needs to go away on LinkedIn, as well as most other online platforms, is the concept of cold emailing or messaging, which in reality is seen as cold spamming by many people. It’s the evolution of the cold call, but this can be even more aggravating, and it is getting out of control.

You need to understand that LinkedIn is a social media site, even though it is typically geared toward business to business interactions. Still, remember that it is a social site. You need to develop relationships with the contacts that you have on the site rather than sending out mass email after mass email.

If you are cold spamming emails to people and businesses that have no prior knowledge or relationship to you, even if you are connected, it is a very bad idea for your business. They could report you to LinkedIn for spamming which could affect your account. Chances are they will also break ties with you on the site, as no one likes getting what they perceive as junk filling their inbox all of the time.

Sometimes, you are not even emailing the right people at the company. You likely want the message to go to the decision makers, not someone who works in an area that can’t help you. As we’ve said, you need to learn more about the companies and actually build a relationship with the people you want to court.

In some cases, cold spamming will give a company or person such a negative connotation of you and your business that they will never want to work with you. Other times, they might even take to their own blog or website, or other places online to complain about the spamming. This could have a negative impact on your overall online reputation. If that happens, it could make your business suffer even further.

LinkedIn is certainly not the only platform that suffers from this problem. In fact, all of the different social media sites have the same issues, and you should take the lessons that you learn here and apply them across the board. Remembering the Golden Rule can serve you well with social media. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.