Why Having a Professional LinkedIn Profile Is Important

Why Having a Professional LinkedIn Profile Is Important

With all of the different social media sites that are available, it can be confusing to know where you should have profiles. Certainly, you need to be a part of Facebook and Twitter, since it’s where so many people are. They are great for connecting with friends and family, as well as for business pursuits. However, one place that those who are in business, whether they are solo entrepreneurs, part of a company, or looking for a job now or in the future, is LinkedIn. It may not get quite as much attention and traffic as the other big name sites, but it still is essential. If you do not have a professional LinkedIn profile, you are missing out. Let’s look at what the site offers.

First, when you create your professional LinkedIn profile, you get to put up what essentially is a resume, along with your history, in one place. This makes it easy for potential employers to find you – jobs are posted on LinkedIn quite often, so you have the chance to find a number of opportunities. In fact, many jobs that show up on the site do not get posted elsewhere, or they are posted on LinkedIn first.

Second, LinkedIn is a great place to “meet” and interact with people from a variety of different companies. You can get to know people through the social network, just as you can with other networks. Those people may eventually have jobs that they may offer you, or you might find that they could become great employees or partners for your company. Businesses are able to interact with one another as well, and it’s very popular as a B2B meeting ground.

Third, having another social media account to which you post and interact with regularly can actually be good for your SERP as well. Google and other search engines put some weight into social networks, meaning they will show up when someone searches for your name or your company’s name. This essentially gives you more “ownership” of what comes up when people are looking for you online.

Becoming a part of the site can help people to get jobs, and it can help them connect with others who are in their field. It’s truly one of the best choices for networking that currently exists. Those who do not have a professional LinkedIn profile should remedy that as soon as possible.